Aside: Do you have too much debt? That’s a stupid question.


A view of the “Old Home in the Woods”

A view of the “Old home in t

A view of the “Old home in the woods”

 Do you have too much debt? That’s a stupid question. All debt is too much debt. If you are going through some tough times,don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. I know that isn’t the most comforting thing to hear and I never like “company” when I’m miserable. There are different things that you can do though to get out from under. I think all of us have thought about just saying the hell with everything at one time or another. I personally have lost track of how many times I’ve started over. Just last year all was going great when a little cut on my finger turned into M.R.S.A. and a five day stay in the hospital (over Christmas) which eventually led to the loss of my job, car, truck, and a very much loved house in the middle of eight acres of oak trees in Texas. Then followed the depression. Thankfully I pushed through it and found the strength to start yet again. Fifty years on this planet and  nothing to show for it. By the way, I’m my fathers only son and never been married so I had no one for support. I told myself that there are only two ways to go from bottom; out or up. Not ready for out yet so I decided to look first for work and next for help. I looked at a couple of debt relief companies and made the mistake of choosing a not so legit. setup. I got out before I threw  away too much of what I didn’t have. Point is, that I  found a good group who seem to genuinely want to help. After what they’ve done for me, I decided to put the word out. I’m not going to lie. I’m not out of the woods yet, except for the ones I don’t want to be out of back in Texas. But things are better and continue to look  promising. Well, before I take up any more of your time, if you would like to look into what helped me out their name is Curadebt.. I’ve provided a link below. One more thing. I won’t lie or try to hide the fact that I do, or will, get compensated for any business that I send their way. Actually, you can too. Good luck to you. Which Beatle sang, “Christ you know it ain’t easy”? Well “it” ain,t easy, but “it” is doable. Hang in there.  With the guidance, you will be able to manage your fiances just fine.

Here’s the link I mentioned.

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